Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10 Ways to Freshen Angle Space

You have a corner room in the house? Do not ignore your corner. If allowed, the corner of the living and the dead space will be ignored.
The key is to harness the creative corner of the living room and custom-tailoredThere are many creative ways to maximize the corner of a room more dead .. If you experience a problem with the corner space in the shelter, maybe 10 of these suggestions can help provide a "fresh" new in your room!A. Make the corner of the room as an area to hang coats, scarves, hats and other accessories. Hangers can be selected form a unique and interesting. When not used as a hanger, other functions such as an ornamental point of space can be created.2. If you have a corner wall lebae responsibility and high windows on one side, then set the two armchairs plus a console table in between. Its not massive armchair so it will not cover the light coming from windows.3. Corner of the room can be filled with built in shelves. These shelves can be filled with magazines, books, or other knickknacks. To function optimally, adjust the height of shelves to reach your hand.4. Change the angle of space in your living room into a bookshelf. Take advantage of adding a blank wall with shelves outboard. Make sure the rack is a powerful book that can contain a wide assortment of books. By adding a standing lamp, space angle can be changed as a comfortable reading angle.5. The idea of ​​a seat-shaped "L" like shape bench in the shop can be tried on the corner in the dining room. Make it built in bench against the wall with the letter L followed the pattern of right-angled shape space. Add a cushion and back cushion for more comfortable feeding activity.6. In the bedroom, corner room with additional content nightstand. The existence nightstand beside the bed can be used as a storage area. Make nightstand is filled with a reflection of your character, for example by putting a favorite book, personal photos, agenda, and other accessories.7. By adding shelves, tables and chairs outboard corner of the room to change into a new workspace. Shelves and tables affixed to the walls and columns will make the room appear more optimal angle. Furthermore, please be creative with this new workbench.8. Take advantage of the corner in the bathroom as a source of natural light to bring the openings such as windows or skylights. Or create a cavity at the corner of the bathroom into a place to put toiletries tools.9. Place only a couple of chairs and tables in the corner. Additional two will make this area a new place to build a comfortable atmosphere while chatting, both among family members or when receiving guests.10. Bedroom and adjoining bathroom often left corner of the area but responsibility. To be optimal, add a sink and mirror in this area of ​​responsibility. The result, you will obtain a new hand-washing room.Happy creating!

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