Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ordering Furniture, Customizing Personality owner

By ordering and designing their own furniture, it would be showing the character and personality of the homeowner.

According to him, most consumers do not want to buy a custom made with a reason to wait longer to get goods orders.

"In fact, if consumers want to order, they will get the furniture according to the character and personality of each," he said.

By ordering the furniture, consumers are guaranteed would not get bored quickly. Through the reservation, he said, consumers create new standards according to their own volition.

"That's me, supposing it would be like. Since buying furniture is not like buying clothes that can be changed at any time. Once the purchase of furniture, it can not directly change.

Introduced the program "Me and My Sofa", for example, it provides services to choose bids and modifications to suit the imagination of consumers sofa. Ardi said the U.S. labeled product selection is not without cause.

"Most people looking for cheap, but quality and safety issues are ignored. Compromise on price, it also compromises on quality and safety. We chose the best products with guaranteed quality and security and consumer convenience,

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