Friday, June 29, 2012

More Careful When Choosing a Carpet

Carpet as one type of floor covering, comes with a touch of warmth in the room. To get the sensation, familiarize yourself with materials ranging from carpet, any type, thickness, fiber size, and color.
MaterialSynthetic materials such as nylon, polyester and olefin.There are two types of carpet fabric, which is synthetic and natural. 

 Nylon most widely sold in the market. Its very strong, stain resistant, soft fiber, not easily scattered and color variety. Most suitable nylon carpet in the living room, hallway or staircase.
olefin and coarse material commonly used for industrial purposes.Polyesters are softer, less expensive, more powerful against a stain, passage and unfortunately a lot of color is not as strong nylon material.
While natural materials such as wool, coconut fiber and sisal fiber, seaweed also may be other options. Wool is a material "high class", but this material is the smoothest and most durable. Coconut fiber and sisal fibers are strong, durable and easy to maintain. Finally, seaweed can be used as a carpet. Fibers of seaweed can be strong and durable, but over time will change color to brown.
After selecting a carpet material, consider the type. There is a fine and coarse fibers, long or short in size and texture can disguise the foot or shoe marks. Some types of carpet on the market, among others, the type of soft smooth surface which, Stipe Saxony, is the type of carpet with a variety of textures, twisted fiber is not neat and impressive formal.Thickness
Next, you need to pay attention to the density of the carpet fibers. Better have a thick carpet fibers more dense and live longer. However, the thickness of the carpet of course affect the sale price. To know where a thicker carpet.
Fiber sizeFor the stairs, use of carpets should not use a high-fiber carpet so as not to become a bottleneck of people walking.This size is determined by how "menjulangnyaa" and if diliihat from the bottom. The higher or fiber length, the more expensive the carpet.
To get the best color, carpet samples to compare with the feel of the same, but different materials. If you are in doubt, choose a carpet with neutral colors because the color is suitable for use in all kinds of room.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Create "Attention Thieves" in the House of Tiny you!

People will respond to something when it caught his attention. This way you can also apply to residential, how to arrange furniture or accessories into the limelight, making the room look more "alive" and not boring.

if it is not possible, because there are other inexpensive ways. Namely, the use of furniture or accessories that have been there. Variety of ways you can do, for example by treating the space itself, a long dress or pack furniture and other accessories.
The first step is you need to prepare thoroughly surveyed the room looking for the best position to realize "the thief's attention" is. The room could be anywhere, be it living room, family room, foyer, and even the stairs area.However, if not also find the right idea, some of these references may be used as a reference process the space to make it happen:You can make it happen with a game of colors and textures on the walls, paintings or drawings stand out plus the lights in the living room furniture with the use of special design, or simply the arrangement of flowers in the living room.
- Paint the walls is one of the most surefire way to attract attention. For example, in one room, kuaskan a different color in one area of ​​the wall. Then, at different wall is coupled with an accent or special furniture so distinctive impression and pull it up.
- The focus of the room can also be realized by limiting the room was massive. In addition to its function as a barrier, insulation is not massive and you can design unique like no other. Use your creativity to cultivate insulation made from bamboo, fabric, glass, acrylic, or the Japanese home-style sliding doors.
- Antique items or heritage can immediately attract attention. Through its unique and unusual to turn on the room and give a different impression. However, it is infinite, because the mere antique accessories can be used. For example, you use a suitcase with some size that you arrange to replace the table. At the top place a family picture frames or other accessories.
- In the living room, you can give a different touch through decorative pillows or upholstery. In addition to making soft and comfortable, decorative pillows can be covered with a cover containing the impression of a unique or eclectic. Undoubtedly, your living room will look more vibrant with the presence of a touch of the little accents.

No Need to Make Moving Stress

Moving to a new home with a strategic location is definitely more fun. recognized or not, the activity is enough to drain a lot of concentration and effort.
According to the results of a study, moving house is one of five things that trigger stress. In the study mentioned, the stress level close to the stress of a divorce. About 70% of respondents said often awakened at night because of worry about moving house. Reasons that make the respondents were concerned the budget is high enough to move house.

This phase should be a fun process for a person to enter a new life, and have a new neighbor.
"There are many ways to eliminate stress when the process of moving home, start planning your own to ask for help from friends or family, or seek advice from the experts," he said.
think there are many things moving in the affairs of the house. He also recommends some suggestions that may help you when it is in that position:
Plan ahead
Do not forget to update the new address and notify the family, friends, colleagues as well.
Remember to replace the immediate supplier of your household needs, such as electricity and gas as you move house.

Use time wisely
After moving house handled his own affairs, you should use a full size car making it easier for you to transport goods. In addition, certainly more tiring and exhausting.Using a smaller car, even though it costs more efficient, would be more frequent back and forth and spend lots of time.
Find places to eat while
At the time of the day came to move house, and all busy moving and transporting goods, people tend to forget to prepare food and drink. As a precaution, then look for the nearest diner or restaurant that can be visited when the meals arrived.
Prepare the boxMake sure the box is close to you, so that when necessary, the goods are available immediately.When moving day arrived, prepared before and essential items are always needed and then save it in a box.

Ask the expert assistance
Before moving home, measure the ability of self in terms of transport and move the old stuff into new homes. If it turns out you can not do it, get a more skilled craftsman lease deal with this problem. Skilled labor could be moving house, porters, also an electrician and gas that may be needed to fix the new house.

Air Cleaning House After Renovation

After moving house and completed the process of renovating a new home, usually home so dusty and smelly, especially the smell of paint. To remove dust, we can use the air purifier (water purifier) ​​or a tool to clean the air of particles, so that
ga air we breathe cleaner.

  The results of filtering the air and then released again in the form of clean air.
How a water purifier is sucking air in the room, then sift in the four filters in the device.
Particles that had been on the air was "captured" by the filter, and remain stuck there. Therefore, the filter itself must be diligent washed and replaced.

In addition to the particles, is the water purifier can also eliminate odors, such as paint fumes or the smell of semen. Power requirements were not large, less than 100 watts
Fortunately, the tool is small and light enough so that it can easily be moved from one room to another.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Interior, Determinants of Sleep Comfort

Comfort of one's sleep can be obtained from the interior room. Pleasant room atmosphere will help someone get quality sleep.

This was conveyed by interior designer Adam Roland in an opportunity in world last week. Roland said, comfort during sleep is important, because a third of one's life in the bedroom.

"Many consider unimportant room settings. In fact, the order of interior room on a mattress or pillow is not good, but the atmosphere of the room that really matters," he said.

Roland added, things are not considered to lie in the bedroom luxury, but a mood, lighting, and visual display such as fresh flowers or music. Mood in the bedroom is also important to establish ambience.

"Bedrooms are not messy, but do not be too sterile. Most ideal room to relax and make it comfortable," he added.

Related to the selection of interior colors bedroom, according to Roland, depending on which everyone's favorite. Thus, valid only as long as the color gradation would choose a good color.

"Do not be too shocking color. What is important or harmonious color coordination, it is more important," he said.

In addition to the theme and colors, the selection of bed linen set and blankets should also be considered. Roland said, linen mixed with cotton instead of the original materials are widely used for reasons easily ironed. When in fact, he said, the sheets of this type is not good for the quality of sleep.

Five Considerations Choosing the "Town House"

Adopt airport-style houses of the 19th century, is now being developed town house residential development concept. Rows and rows of houses with shared pages are widely applied in urban areas to maximize land use, given the increasingly expensive land prices.In contrast to the apartment which has a height of over four floors, town house concept has a maximum height of four floors. Intensity of land and the inhabitants in it is lower than the apartments, so that privacy is more awake.Therefore, if you are interested in living in a town house, here are five things you should consider:Special rulesJust as in an apartment, live in town houses have special rules and regulations. Such may not alter the exterior of the building, has a landscape together, and are not allowed to add or replace the tree at will.AssociationTown house has a residents association that governs all things and adhered to each occupant.SecurityIn terms of security, living in town house is more integrated due to such cluster systems, have access only one door and out of residential areas. Any guests who want to visit can be monitored well through the system and security unit town house.SuburbsMostly, the development of town houses built in urban and suburban housing complex. The reason is, because the price is more expensive in the city so that developers take advantage of cheaper land development in an optimal and maximize the number of units of the building.As the exclusive occupancy, the developer has a specific reason to build town houses rather than apartments. For that consumers should look at the reasons and advantages of the town house has to offer. Because, when viewed from the side of profits, developers will be more profitable to build apartments because building more units.GreenBy staying in the town house, you can get a green area is more extensive than in the houses or apartments. In addition antarpenghuni relations and communications can be established either. This is because the concept of infrastructure building town houses are concentrated in one area diugunakan together.Interested?