Thursday, July 26, 2012

Living conjure Terrace as "impromptu"

One of the wonderful unity in Eid is marked by a large gathering with family, colleagues, and neighbors. To realize the event at home, you do need the room more spacious than usual. However, if your living room is no longer sufficient to meet that need, is there any other space that can be utilized?

Of course, there is, especially if you are creatively exploit the spaces in your home. In addition to making the concept of a room with no insulation, you can "borrow" the front porch and created a living room addition.

Indeed, to show any impression in the living room "impromptu" this is okay, provided you consider the elements that must exist in it. Namely, the seating and tables, the rest arranging a variety of designs and styles.

We recommend that you do not conceptualize terrace style to your living room on the terrace. This is because the most rapid area exposed to sunlight and air from the outside. Note also the form of terraces before borrowing them temporarily as a living room at festival times.

Meanwhile, the existence of the roof and shading elements you need to consider. If the roof on the porch is less representative, you can add a canopy or awning. As for the shading, you can use the plant to put around the patio.

However, although the supplemental, you still have to make arrangements with comfort. You need to create a terrace with a different touch than usual, for example, the impression is more natural and natural terraces. The trick, place the furniture of wood, set the plants in pots, as well as suggesting additional natural shades.

Do not forget, add sweetener and accessories that can add convenience, such as decorative pillows on the seat, a stack of magazines for refreshing, and light snacks in the jar.

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