Sunday, July 29, 2012

Modular carpet, Want to Try?

Carpet floor coverings now come up with a modular form. Rectangular rug with a size of 50 inches x 50 inches is easier for you in the arrangement of space, especially when adjusting the living space and the carpet needs.

This modular carpet innovations introduced by Interface, a manufacturer of modular carpet from the United States. When compared to the I-shaped roll of carpet, modular carpet is much easier time of installation. In addition, the distribution channels, modular carpet will not be troublesome because of compact packaging. If in one part of the carpet was damaged and would like to be replaced, his successor distributor provides exactly the same.

In addition to the ease of the above, this Interface modular carpet has a distinctive coloration when nylon yarn not so. Before becoming a yarn for the carpet, making the seeds of cotton have been processed by the system to 100 percent penetration of the color. This makes the quality of the carpet to become stronger color and character.

  One of them with a nylon material collected from various sources of scrap materials such as nylon fabric remaining, nets, carpets also are not used anymore. Used goods are processed and then produce a new yarn.
Form of modular carpet is best suited for office space as bank offices, to hotels, as well as hospitals and health care, but not close the possibility for occupancy. This modular carpet treatment tend to be easy, that is staying clean with a vacuum cleaner once a week. However, carpets require extra attention on it if load too heavy activity on the carpet is quite busy. Extra attention to modular carpet machines require assistance such as hot water rinse exstractor functioning of carpet stains.

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