Wednesday, July 11, 2012

With LED, Energy Saving Up to 80 Percent

By using light-based switching technology Light Emitting Diode (LED), energy savings in the household could save up to 80 percent compared to incandescent lamps.

Robert said, about two decades ago, Philips led the conversion from incandescent bulbs to energy saving bulbs. Now, as more and understand the increasing need for sustainable lighting the Philips LED-based lighting drive as a solution in household lighting.

"Philips wants consumers to enjoy a better quality of life through the performance of LED-based lighting energy saving as well as environmentally friendly. MyVision LED lets you get the best value for your money in a welcome application of LED technology for the household, "continued Robert.
Robert said LED-based lights are more durable. LED lamp life is 15,000 hours when compared with CFLi based lamps that only last 8,000 hours. Moreover, with LED lighting technology allows consumers to control the light very dim lighting so as not to dazzle the eye.

. This event is a form of Philips commitment to energy efficient lighting campaign for household use. In this event, Philips is also a competition "Touch The LED" to indicate that the LED-based lights are not hot to the touch.

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