Friday, June 29, 2012

More Careful When Choosing a Carpet

Carpet as one type of floor covering, comes with a touch of warmth in the room. To get the sensation, familiarize yourself with materials ranging from carpet, any type, thickness, fiber size, and color.
MaterialSynthetic materials such as nylon, polyester and olefin.There are two types of carpet fabric, which is synthetic and natural. 

 Nylon most widely sold in the market. Its very strong, stain resistant, soft fiber, not easily scattered and color variety. Most suitable nylon carpet in the living room, hallway or staircase.
olefin and coarse material commonly used for industrial purposes.Polyesters are softer, less expensive, more powerful against a stain, passage and unfortunately a lot of color is not as strong nylon material.
While natural materials such as wool, coconut fiber and sisal fiber, seaweed also may be other options. Wool is a material "high class", but this material is the smoothest and most durable. Coconut fiber and sisal fibers are strong, durable and easy to maintain. Finally, seaweed can be used as a carpet. Fibers of seaweed can be strong and durable, but over time will change color to brown.
After selecting a carpet material, consider the type. There is a fine and coarse fibers, long or short in size and texture can disguise the foot or shoe marks. Some types of carpet on the market, among others, the type of soft smooth surface which, Stipe Saxony, is the type of carpet with a variety of textures, twisted fiber is not neat and impressive formal.Thickness
Next, you need to pay attention to the density of the carpet fibers. Better have a thick carpet fibers more dense and live longer. However, the thickness of the carpet of course affect the sale price. To know where a thicker carpet.
Fiber sizeFor the stairs, use of carpets should not use a high-fiber carpet so as not to become a bottleneck of people walking.This size is determined by how "menjulangnyaa" and if diliihat from the bottom. The higher or fiber length, the more expensive the carpet.
To get the best color, carpet samples to compare with the feel of the same, but different materials. If you are in doubt, choose a carpet with neutral colors because the color is suitable for use in all kinds of room.

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