Thursday, June 21, 2012

Create "Attention Thieves" in the House of Tiny you!

People will respond to something when it caught his attention. This way you can also apply to residential, how to arrange furniture or accessories into the limelight, making the room look more "alive" and not boring.

if it is not possible, because there are other inexpensive ways. Namely, the use of furniture or accessories that have been there. Variety of ways you can do, for example by treating the space itself, a long dress or pack furniture and other accessories.
The first step is you need to prepare thoroughly surveyed the room looking for the best position to realize "the thief's attention" is. The room could be anywhere, be it living room, family room, foyer, and even the stairs area.However, if not also find the right idea, some of these references may be used as a reference process the space to make it happen:You can make it happen with a game of colors and textures on the walls, paintings or drawings stand out plus the lights in the living room furniture with the use of special design, or simply the arrangement of flowers in the living room.
- Paint the walls is one of the most surefire way to attract attention. For example, in one room, kuaskan a different color in one area of ​​the wall. Then, at different wall is coupled with an accent or special furniture so distinctive impression and pull it up.
- The focus of the room can also be realized by limiting the room was massive. In addition to its function as a barrier, insulation is not massive and you can design unique like no other. Use your creativity to cultivate insulation made from bamboo, fabric, glass, acrylic, or the Japanese home-style sliding doors.
- Antique items or heritage can immediately attract attention. Through its unique and unusual to turn on the room and give a different impression. However, it is infinite, because the mere antique accessories can be used. For example, you use a suitcase with some size that you arrange to replace the table. At the top place a family picture frames or other accessories.
- In the living room, you can give a different touch through decorative pillows or upholstery. In addition to making soft and comfortable, decorative pillows can be covered with a cover containing the impression of a unique or eclectic. Undoubtedly, your living room will look more vibrant with the presence of a touch of the little accents.

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