Thursday, June 21, 2012

Air Cleaning House After Renovation

After moving house and completed the process of renovating a new home, usually home so dusty and smelly, especially the smell of paint. To remove dust, we can use the air purifier (water purifier) ​​or a tool to clean the air of particles, so that
ga air we breathe cleaner.

  The results of filtering the air and then released again in the form of clean air.
How a water purifier is sucking air in the room, then sift in the four filters in the device.
Particles that had been on the air was "captured" by the filter, and remain stuck there. Therefore, the filter itself must be diligent washed and replaced.

In addition to the particles, is the water purifier can also eliminate odors, such as paint fumes or the smell of semen. Power requirements were not large, less than 100 watts
Fortunately, the tool is small and light enough so that it can easily be moved from one room to another.

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  1. After renovation, house becomes zone of dust. For cleaning germs and bacteria from air, we require air purification system. Air purification system contains blowers and filters which makes air fresh and clean. Great content!
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