Thursday, June 14, 2012

Interior, Determinants of Sleep Comfort

Comfort of one's sleep can be obtained from the interior room. Pleasant room atmosphere will help someone get quality sleep.

This was conveyed by interior designer Adam Roland in an opportunity in world last week. Roland said, comfort during sleep is important, because a third of one's life in the bedroom.

"Many consider unimportant room settings. In fact, the order of interior room on a mattress or pillow is not good, but the atmosphere of the room that really matters," he said.

Roland added, things are not considered to lie in the bedroom luxury, but a mood, lighting, and visual display such as fresh flowers or music. Mood in the bedroom is also important to establish ambience.

"Bedrooms are not messy, but do not be too sterile. Most ideal room to relax and make it comfortable," he added.

Related to the selection of interior colors bedroom, according to Roland, depending on which everyone's favorite. Thus, valid only as long as the color gradation would choose a good color.

"Do not be too shocking color. What is important or harmonious color coordination, it is more important," he said.

In addition to the theme and colors, the selection of bed linen set and blankets should also be considered. Roland said, linen mixed with cotton instead of the original materials are widely used for reasons easily ironed. When in fact, he said, the sheets of this type is not good for the quality of sleep.

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