Thursday, June 14, 2012

Five Considerations Choosing the "Town House"

Adopt airport-style houses of the 19th century, is now being developed town house residential development concept. Rows and rows of houses with shared pages are widely applied in urban areas to maximize land use, given the increasingly expensive land prices.In contrast to the apartment which has a height of over four floors, town house concept has a maximum height of four floors. Intensity of land and the inhabitants in it is lower than the apartments, so that privacy is more awake.Therefore, if you are interested in living in a town house, here are five things you should consider:Special rulesJust as in an apartment, live in town houses have special rules and regulations. Such may not alter the exterior of the building, has a landscape together, and are not allowed to add or replace the tree at will.AssociationTown house has a residents association that governs all things and adhered to each occupant.SecurityIn terms of security, living in town house is more integrated due to such cluster systems, have access only one door and out of residential areas. Any guests who want to visit can be monitored well through the system and security unit town house.SuburbsMostly, the development of town houses built in urban and suburban housing complex. The reason is, because the price is more expensive in the city so that developers take advantage of cheaper land development in an optimal and maximize the number of units of the building.As the exclusive occupancy, the developer has a specific reason to build town houses rather than apartments. For that consumers should look at the reasons and advantages of the town house has to offer. Because, when viewed from the side of profits, developers will be more profitable to build apartments because building more units.GreenBy staying in the town house, you can get a green area is more extensive than in the houses or apartments. In addition antarpenghuni relations and communications can be established either. This is because the concept of infrastructure building town houses are concentrated in one area diugunakan together.Interested?

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